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2/3 D plant graphics

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I'm trying to create a rendered site plan (eg, using the 'Top' view mode), and have it show plants (in plan view), with shadows. I have the plants on the plan and they show up as props when I use the isometric or flyover views, but when I try to show the plant symbol and shadow in 'Top' view, it's not there... help please. Thanks in advance. Ned

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Are you trying to use 'Top' view or 'Top / Plan' view? Because they are not the same: 'Top' view is a 3D view, while 'Top / Plan' is a 2D view. Plant symbols are 2D / 3D Hybrid symbols where the 3D image props part of the symbol is visible in 'Top' while the 2D symbol graphics part is visible in 'Top / Plan'.

Assuming you're using either Landmark or Architect, you can project 2d plant shadows in a Top / Plan view with File > Document Settings > Document Preferences (quote from the Vw2016 help file):

In the Vectorworks Architect and Landmark products, click the Plan Shadows tab to set the shadow style preferences for plants and massing models. These preferences apply in Top/Plan view for plants that are set to use the document preference shadow settings (available only in Vectorworks Landmark; see Plant Definition: Render Pane) and for massing models set to display shadows (see Creating a Massing Model).

(Since we don't know which version & package of Vectorworks you're using, it will make troubleshooting easier if you update your signature with info similar to my signature).

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