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  1. Benson, et. al., Thanks for the suggestions and lesson. I'm still working my way through it and will certainly post back when I figure it all out. I suspect (not surprisingly) that there may be several things going on, will isolate as suggested. Thanks again, very much!
  2. Thanks, I've tried this; no luck. 1. After placing the new rectangle in Edit Site Model Crop, when I exit Edit Site Model Crop the original Site Model remains unchanged (and no new rectangle appears)...I forgot to mention that I have a drape texture over the site model - might that be affecting the result? 2. How can I "undo" a site model, to put it back as just polygons? 3. Is there a way to "turn off" the draped texture (which doesn't show unless the view is oblique)? 4. Might the Property Line be affecting my (lack of) results? I'm surely missing something, have a wrong setting, or?? Thanks
  3. I'm relatively new to VW and have steep learning curve for the Site Model features - excuse the long explanation of issue. I've watched the good You Tube by Jonathan (054 Editing the Extent of a Site Model) but I'm not able to get the same sequence / results (I'm using 2015 ver). 1. When I click on my site model, the interior lines do not highlight (only perimeter / property line does), but OIP shows "Site Model." 2. When I chose Modify, list shows no active "Edit Group" selection - only "Edit Site Model" 3. If I group the site model, and go to Modify, there is a choice of "Edit Group." When I click on that, the OIP only shows "Group" (not "Site Model"). When I "Edit Group" the OIP shows "258 Objects." 4. When I then Paste in Place the Polygon to make the new extents, the Site Model remains and the Polygon is placed where I want. 5. Then, when I hit Exit Group, it takes me back to the "Group" in OIP and nothing has changed... Could someone kindly describe every single step in detail for a kindergartener?-) All I want to do is reduce the extents of my site model. Thanks in advance - greatly appreciated. Nedly Windows PC VW 2015
  4. Excuse if this isn't the correct place to query the following: I have a title block and sheet border that I want to use on my drawings. What's the best way to do this? I've researched the "Custom Title Block" topic and it doesn't really address what I want to do (at least from my experience level). I want to take a title block and sheet border that I already have, and use it in all my drawings. Thanks in advance. Nedly PC, VW2015
  5. I'm trying to create a rendered site plan (eg, using the 'Top' view mode), and have it show plants (in plan view), with shadows. I have the plants on the plan and they show up as props when I use the isometric or flyover views, but when I try to show the plant symbol and shadow in 'Top' view, it's not there... help please. Thanks in advance. Ned
  6. Thanks. No stack, No duplicate. Can't see the Grade Limit (Site Modifier Pulldown) near top of OIP ) or anywhere). Not coincident or overlapping anywhere that I can tell. Have tried help menu, online tutorials with no luck. Hmmmmm...
  7. I've built a site model and am trying to insert a closed rectangular retaining wall (like for a basement). I keep getting an error message; "two intersecting pads." I've set the outside grade line to follow the terrain and the interior grade (pad) to be at zero (offset to bot of wall). I've also been careful to update the model (which is when the error message apprears). After trying everything I can think of (fairly limited and new to VW) to correct this issue, I still can't get it. Thoughts? Many thanks.
  8. Thank you all, and I concur that Benson's description is very elegant. I am working on his concise directions, but just in case...How does one attach a file to these posts? Thanks!
  9. Benson, this is fabulous! Thanks so much. I'm very excited about getting into this in the next few days and will of course let you know how I fare. THANKS!!
  10. Thanks for the assist B, still not having luck with what I'm trying to achieve: I'm drawing a corrugated metal floor pan over which I want to draw and place a 6" thick concrete slab. I want to create these as two separate objects, but show them as one (the slab laying on top of the metal pan). I've drawn the metal floor pan (63'0 3/8" long x 30' wide (corrugation parallel to this direction) x about 3" high) with one continuous line, with space of 1/16" apart (thickness of metal pan material). I've also made the concrete slab (same dimensions) to 'nest' into the metal pan. I want to lay the concrete slab into the metal pan, just as in real construction. Now, my goal is to 'cut' a cylinder out of the pan and slab (solid subtraction) for an elevator. Both the metal pan and the concrete floor are indicated as 'Extrudes'in the OIP. Just can't figure out how to do the solid subtraction... Perhaps I should send the file for review?? I really, really appreciate assistance as I have looked everywhere and not found this particular situation (plus, as you can tell, I'm new to VW (but love it))... Thanks again.
  11. New here, patience appreciated. 1.) Is it possible to convert a polygon to polylines, and if so, how? 2.) How does one 'undo' an extrude - I've got one that I want to undo (other than using the undo or control z function - I've gone too far forward). Thanks in advance pc VW 2012
  12. I am an architect and landscxape architect in San Diego. My work is primarily large scale site design, landscape, some very site specific architecture and a variety of unusual commissions. I am considering switching to VectorWorks from AutoCAD. I would like opinions on which of the package(s) would serve me best (not into rendreing or machine design - use others for that) without feature overkill. I'm using Windows Vista operating system. Also, thoughts on local venders that are knowledgeable and courteous... Thanks in advance


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