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Versioning - Best Practices

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I am curious how NV and other developers would recommend handling versioning of Marionette nodes. I can see it happening already in the few test files I've been working in - multiple versions of various nodes. This forum is already filling up with various files and examples too. I am wondering -

- how are we going to tell over time which nodes are official nodes installed with VW? Or released by NV as supplementary nodes?

- how are we going to tell when official nodes are fixed or updated with Service Packs?

- are there best practices for labelling different iterations of nodes/code?

Its easy enough to have my own versioning strategy using a simple line of commenting in the code of anything I build or alter but I wondered how others with more experience were doing it.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Best Practices have yet to be developed really, Marionette was unfinished until later in the beta process so there are no experts yet apart from the creators of the feature, who havent used them in a versioned manner so far.

For now I would treat them the same as symbols, building libraries of them for easy access later, but I'm sure more methods will develop as the first (us) to gain experience with node and networks come up with them. We are in uncharted waters.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The Python node scripts could have comments about which version they are, as well as a history. Not sure if people would go to the trouble of that because old versions of nodes will continue to work fine I think as long as the API they refer to hasn't changed (like "vs" or other).

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