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VW 2016 "Create Roof" tool issue


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I've submiited this to support, I want to see if anyone else can reporoduce the issue.

Using the "Create Roof" tool.

Eave Profile "Double" is not working. When I set roof thickness to 6 inches, and the vertical eave cut to 6 inches it doesn't make the horizontal eave cut. The vertical eave cut ends up being 7.25 inches. All attempts to try this different ways, styled, unstyled, etc. don't work.

The Roof Face tool works correctly, but that will kill prouctivity for me, having to create slopes one at a time.

Also the soffit tool hasn't worked correctly since VW 2014. When recess is set to zero inches, it still gets a recess.

I can't use VW 2016 as is, I lost a days work because of this, had to go back VW 2015.

I hope these things are fixed ASAP. I was looking forward to the new features, but not if it means introducing other issues that impact productivity.

Thanks In Advance

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I can make the Double profile eave work - see example set at 6" vert.; however when I add a fascia it projects above the roof line. Also - when using a roof style the Structural Wood Component renders without a fill. It appears that I must manually add a rake trim piece. In previous versions I was able to "fake" the rake by setting the roof thickness to the dimension of the rake and adjusting the roof bearing height accordingly. Any suggestions for 2016?

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In a clean install, no migration of prior settings, there are issues with the Create Roof tool.

You have to initiate the roof styles with at least one. When you open it to edit the default component it has no name. Adding a name and using it after that it seems to work.

Opening a 2015 file, doing the same, initiating a roof style, then applying that style to the existing roof does NOT resolve the problem with eaves. Some are left as is with double mitre, while other are randomly change to just a vertical cut.

I can not move forward to 2016 if it means creating unnecessary work, and obviously can't be trusted because of it's inconsistent behaviour.

I wish they had left the original tool as a basic Roof Creation tool, and made a new separate one for roofs with components. It's a nice idea, would be very useful, but as is is not useable.

I'm trying to avoid a negative tone, but I am very annoyed over the time I wasted on this issue.

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