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Robert Anderson

Photovoltaic Panel: A Marionette script that reads the Vectorworks file

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One of the nice things about Marionette is that it's integrated into the design environment. This means that it can interact with the existing model. One example of this is shown in this example. This Marionette script looks for a Heliodon in the file, then draws a photovoltaic panel optimized for the orientation and latitude given by the Heliodon.

The optimized angle is in a little wrapper node called "Tilt Optimizer".

Challenge: It wouldn't be too hard to turn this one photovoltaic panel into an entire array of photovoltaic panels using the "Range" node found in the "Data Flow" section of the Marionette library.

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@Robert Anderson: Thank you for sharing this Marionette object file, it starts to show some of what can be possible with Marionette.

This object is a perfect example of where I think it would be extremely helpful for a step-by-step YouTube video to be provided alongside the .vwx file that walks us through the methodology of how you constructed it.

Since Marionette is such a powerful, new feature (and as the thousands of available Grasshopper and Dynamo tutorials don't really translate 1:1 to Marionette), Vectorworks, Inc. needs to provide step-by-step YouTube videos for all of the Marionette objects that are uploaded to the forums. Thanks.

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@Robert Anderson: Where can I find the Marionette object file that you have shared?

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