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Not sure if you mean for text to automatically end up in a specified class or that you mean a certain text style should automatically be assigned so I'll respond on both.

I don't know about VW2010 but in at least VW2014 and VW2015 you can assign a text style to a class so that when that class is active it automatically uses the assigned text style. Which also means that you can assign different text styles to different classes.

If this is important enough for you then you may want to consider upgrading from VW 2010.

If you mean that you want text automatically end up in a certain class similar to how dimensions are assigned the dimensions class by default. That is as far as I know not possible in Vectorworks at the moment through its settings etc. so even if it can be done in some way it would probably require scripting (e.g. create a text tool that sets the text class active when you use it or a simple script that sets the class first and then activates the text tool)

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