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Feature Request: Show Roof Area in Obj Info panel.

Gilbert Osmond


It is becoming more common for landscaping projects to incorporate rainwater catchment systems from roofs.

For estimating & planning purposes one needs the total surface area & slope of a roof. It seems like it would be trivial for VW to display this in the "Object Info" panel, the same way areas are displayed for closed 2D polygons, hardscape areas, etc.

Please consider making this small improvement.

I read some other, older threads about improvising these measurements by going into 3D view and creating a series of 2D plane polygons fitted to the roof faces, then summing these areas. Fine if you have a simple roof, not if you have several complex ones.

Also saw another thread on possibly digging this info out of worksheet / database records, tried to do that but the instructions and procedures described were obtuse at best.

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Hi Gilbert

Amongst other things, I design and install rainwater harvesting systems. When you calculate roof area it is usually done as if your in top plane view, roof pitch or angle is not a factor as it will not collect any less or more. So drawing a polygon around the edge of roof is all you need.

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In some cases pitch is a mild factor, e.g. where there is usually a strong prevailing wind blowing the rain sideways, a steeply-pitched roof will "shadow" one side and reduce catchment amount on it.

It would also be good to easily obtain the actual roof surface area for any roof-related construction or repair. Materials estimating for sheathing, underlayment, shingles, etc.

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