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Repeatable Glitch

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Here's a wee glitch that I can repeat every time in Vectorworks 2015

Can others check to see if it's my installation / machine

Open a New File

Start drawing a rectangle from approx 0,0

Input a large number into the floating toolbar (e.g. 5000mm x 5000mm)

On my machine the rectangle will not size correctly

IF I zoom out and do the same it works fine, it just seems to be a glitch if the rectangle is much much bigger than the visible Layer Plane Screen.



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Confirmed on my system.

I used 10' x 10' rather than 5000mm x 5000mm input by tabbing into the floating data bar. New file scale is 1:1. Starting zoom is 100%

Rectangle does not execute the data input if x or y dimension is equal to or greater than 5'. If value is less than 5', the tabbed dimensions function as expected.

Circle (radius mode) behaves similarly. If input R is equal to or greater than 7.5', the circle draws with R= cursor position when the tab key is pressed.

At 80% zoom, input fails to control rectangle dimension input value is equal or greater than 7.1''. Tab into second data field after entering the r value.

It is probably different values for different zoom %


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