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I would like help understanding the resource browser

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I'm trying to comprehend the organization of the resource tools. Please clarify my vague understanding of drawing organization.

In some kind of order...

1. Start with a template.

2. Templates include things like

--A) classes, layers, sheet layers, views

--B) perhaps some symbols

--C) other specifics (grid, units, etc.)

3. I create an original drawing using universal tools

4. I add symbols which are in a library

5. I use active tools like a sheet border which is a symbol with a record


1. Are the symbols universal, meaning if I edit the symbol does it update everywhere I have used it?

2. Does it make a copy of it and convert it into a drawing item stored in the drawing?

3. How are the records handled? Is it as above where a unique record is stored attached to the drawing? Or is it separate?

4. How do I know what symbols are being used in my drawing?

5. If I used a symbol and then erased it from the drawing does it still show up as a resource attached to this drawing?

6. Is there a problem with deleting symbols from the resource browser if they are not being used?

7. Am I missing something?

Thank you,

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Best of my knowledge:

1- Yes. That's the main function of a symbol

2- It can. You can set an option for the symbol to regress to just a group upon placement in the drawing. It will then lose it's link to the rest of the symbols

3-Records can be linked to a symbol, which then will carry discreet data PER symbol.

4-You can do a custom selection and create a count of anything that appears in the drawing. It's a menu item.

5-Yes. Deleting a symbol from a drawing will not destroy the original in the resource browser. Deleting the original in the resource browser will destroy all instances in the drawing.

6-Not really.

7-We are all missing something most of the time!


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One point to note in ref to point 1:

"Are the symbols universal, meaning if I edit the symbol does it update everywhere I have used it?"

Only within the same file, if you create a new file with the same symbol in and alter it, it only affects the instances within that file.

Think of symbols as a reference, you are essentially placing a block of instructions, when the drawing is opened it pulls the info from the symbol source drawing and displays it in your block, rather than storing the same collection of objects multiple times, thus saving huge amounts of data and keeping file sizes down.

Records are the same in that they are held separately (but within the file or symbol) or as a database and pulled to wherever you instruct them to.

Start basic, personally, I use a new blank sheet every time (tried templates but found different jobs needed different things), i have an separate VW file i have saved as a resource palette favourite, which contains all my symbols and text presets and border symbols, hatches. I access all those things via the resource palette toggle and import as i need them - or can use it as a template - this leaves the master file untouched. Title blocks can be symbols with record formats or not, personally i use a symbol with certain fields like title and date left out, i insert these elements manually and group it all together in the Sheets area only - not in the drawing space.

Select the file you are using from the resource palette toggle and it displays the symbols/attributes in that drawing only.

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Ah, yes, thank you. This helps me to understand the symbols and how and where they can be modified.

And, I see that creating a separate file with a personal "catalog" of resources is helpful too. That way I would be able to simplify the tool set that I would use over and over.

Thanks for the clarification.

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