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  1. Thanks, i think someone's been messing with my settings!
  2. The door tool will allow me insert into a wall, but i can't adjust the door parameters until i insert one into the space, which means i have to insert all doors as doubles (current default) and then change retrospectively. It would be fine if i could change the default prior to use. In fact, just discovered, i can't insert any symbols into walls Also, recently i've not been able to duplicate dynamic doors and insert into other walls as was the case previously.
  3. Is it possible in VW to create a layer or class that does not print, like the Non-Plot layer in Autocad?
  4. Several people in my office have noticed in VW 2017 that the view doesn't refresh for many operations until you do something else i.e. zoom. The changes function is actioned, but you have to move the drawing to make it refresh and display the change
  5. Not sure if this is a new one or not, but i can't seem to scale anything proportionately using the shift key when in rotated view, also applies when the viewport view is rotated. Have to set the view back to 0 degrees for it to work Also, snapping to points and picking by points doesn't seem to work in rotated view either VW 2017 SP3
  6. I've upgraded to Sierra with VW 2014 and the only problem I've had so far is that sometimes the print dialogue box 'print' button shows 'save' and executes a save function and won't print - but not always. Others in the office are experiencing unexplained quitting, updater won't run and not being able to install 2015 - and apparently it's all my fault!
  7. I like the docked palettes mode in 2016, but it's a nuisance when you need to switch between drawings to have to use a drop down menu and look for a name, as each file overlays another. A better (more visual) solution would be to have tabs at the top allowing you to easily switch between open files. Adobe programs do this.
  8. Tried that and initially they were moving about when clicked, but i zero'd the 'Bot Z' and camera heights and it seems to be under control now. Is it possible that VW moves the camera (correcting it) if the geometry is not possible? as it only seems to happen the first time you click after inserting the camera. i.e. my model was only 100mm tall and yet the camera was inserted at 1500mm height with a bot Z value and look to height of roughly the same. I didn't realize the camera has a height and look to height which have a value already - is this a last used setting feature or something? i had assumed it was inserting it with a bot Z value of 0.
  9. Both, and i am using SP2! Seems to often jump to the same place, but not always, and that location doesn't seem to correspond to the data in the obj info palette.
  10. When i double click on the Camera in the vis palette the viewpoint keeps changing to random angles and from different points.
  11. ah yes! that will be it then. Didn't realize you could control that thanks Guru Jim
  12. My viewport renders are really low quality, is there a way to improve this? I haven't used a camera, just a set view. In model space it renders very high quality, but when i apply the same Render style to the viewport in paper space the quality is very poor even though it takes the same time to render
  13. Thanks Peter, that is the way i currently do it but it's not great for printing or if you need to make the image bigger. Thanks Jim, i will try this
  14. What's the best way to create an image for presentation purposes once your render has completed? I tried exporting as jpeg but it is such a long winded process as it has to re-render several times over. In the past i've just done a screen shot and used that. I wondered if setting up a viewport with fully rendered view and saving as PDF may be a quicker option as i can then add title block etc... Thoughts? Practices?
  15. It's quite annoying when, having set up a view to render, you realize something is selected and has an orange outline. You then need to exit the view to deselect (click off the drawing objects) and then go back to the view. Can you de-select all items at the touch of a button?
  16. Anyone shed any light on why a texture appears the correct orientation in Open GL, but when using the rendering modes it inverts upside down?
  17. Technically it's not a curtain wall - just a regular window with solid brickwork underneath (can you do that with the CW tool?). I managed to make something that looked ok by adjusting many, many parameters!)
  18. Maybe that answers the Decal issue, but the image as texture worked in GL with the original pic but not the new one. I get a bounding box, but i have previously seen handles that allow you to drag it to a different face - not sure how to invoke these. Problem is in render modes when you click anything it wants to redraw so you then can't do anything until that completes.
  19. When you create walls and apply textures to those walls in the set up, then if you want to add a different texture to a specific wall, you change the mode from 'Component' to 'Object', but all textures are stripped out completely. Surely it would make more sense to leave any existing textures as is so you don't have to reconfigure all of them, just the one you want to change - as it's usually just one surface and not all. Just a thought!
  20. I have posted about this topic before but it was never resolved and it still does not work correctly. So i thought i'd ask a slightly different question... Can anyone tell me/suggest why certain images won't apply to certain walls/wall faces? Explain this: I had a wall object with an full height image added to one face, i wanted to switch the image with another, but the other does not display - on any face. The image is the same (jpg, size) in every respect and have tried other formats. :mad: I can not get the 'add decal' feature to work on any wall object at all, so i have to just apply the image as a texture across the whole wall or create a 1mm extruded panel over the wall surface and apply the image texture to that.
  21. I am having trouble creating a 3D window like that of an office block, specifically with multiple glass panes. So far i've managed a single pane framed unit, but i need a unit with 3 panes of glass i.e. alu framed, non opening with vertical mullions. The lower section of the wall is solid brick so can't use a curtain wall. There must be a way of doing this - Perhaps there should be a more basic window and door tool as well, for those of us who are not Architects?
  22. So by adding another element to the wall at skirting height, i get it, thanks
  23. Is there a way to add skirting boards to a wall automatically?
  24. UPDATE: Still not working correctly in this file, but i have now got it working in another file, i tried copying the element with the decals into the original file but they all disappear from view (although still there in the obj info palette), but the overall texture stays in place. Is there a setting that hides Decals? or is this likely to be a file specific / program bug?
  25. Yes Alan, that's the one recommended by rDesign at the top, seems straight forward which is why i can't figure out what the problem is. There must be an issue with the Attribute mapping tool or my installation of it, i've just tried in a new file, creating a wall applying a texture and adding a 'Decal', this time it worked-ish but then the background texture is stripped out in favour of a plain white. Here's images showing the view with the Attribute Mapping tool on and off... https://www.dropbox.com/s/hnjdpp543c1ujd0/Screen%20Shot%202015-06-04%20at%2011.18.24.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vb2ri05kgzxf06m/Screen%20Shot%202015-06-04%20at%2011.10.57.png?dl=0


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