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Creating a helix/ribbon christmas tree

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I have tried using the the helix/spiral command to create a helix ribbon tree but when I extrude along the path with a rectangle to create a ribbon along the path the direction of the 'ribbon' or extruded rectangle changes direction. Basically I am trying to create a ribbon shaped christmas tree. See image,this image was created in Strata CX but converting back to vectorworks is not suitable. I need to create this in vectorworks.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Satman68, see the attached VW file.

To replicate do the following:

1) Draw a line the height of the tree

2) Select line go to "Model-3D Power Pack-Create Helix-Sprial..."

3) Enter parameters this case it was turns (4), Start Radius (800) End Radius (100)

4) draw profile of ribbon in 2D

5) Select both and choose extrude along path

Hope this is clear.

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Thanks John. This loaded fine, this is how I wanted it to look like-thanks very much. I did notice once I double clicked it to edit the 'ribbon' shaped changed slightly, back to how I had it originally, I have been able to test it on version 2014 and it edits fine. Time to upgrade I think!

Thanks for your help.

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