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Creating 3d object from 2 shapes

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I need to make a solid 3d object from 2 polygons, and a simple extrude just won't do because the 2 polygons are not parallel or the same dimensions.

I know this can be done, I've done it before, but I can't seem to find the command to do it.

I had to select both the polygons and a path connecting them then use some command but can't remember which, and I've been looking for hours..

Does anyone have any idea?


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Multiple Extrude is probably correct idea. Except the polys are not parallel?

So 3d polys on skewed planes? Convert to NURBS and Loft for this.

Or maybe "not parallel" means they are 2d polys on ground plane, but not same shape or not concentric. Multiple Extrude works for this.

Andrew, give us a bit more info if none of this is helping.


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