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VW10 exporting dwg files

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I am using VW10 in OSX 10.2.2. I exported a file as an AutoCAD r2000, and my consultants reported that all the text had disappeared. We opened the file ourselves in Virtual PC, and the consultants were right! No text. Not even text blocks.

Exporting the file as r14: same thing.

Exporting the file as r12: text is upside down and backwards.

We resorted to recreating the file (luckily a simple titleblock) in VW9 and then exporting. Just fine (as we knew it would be).

This is a bug -- a SERIOUS BUG!!!

Sarah Sarnelli

Jackson & Ryan Architects

Houston, Texas

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We are using Palatino (similar to Times New Roman) and Helvetica. Both fonts disappear. We send our consultants equivalent PC fonts. When we open the good or bad files in AutoCAD Lite in Virtual PC, the fonts simply map to Simplex.

The text is simple, top level, text. No worksheets. No record formats. We use record formats in our titleblock, but in this case we converted the symbols to groups and ungrouped them to leave the text "exposed."

The file that I exported via VW9 worked just fine. The consultant did not have any problems.


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There is another customer having a related problem.

Could you please send those specs and the OS you are using and the version AC the customer is using along with the file to me, please?


attn: Katie in the subject line.

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I am having the same problem. I also noticed that if I export the DWG and then import that file back into VW, that the font is still gone. Seems fine if I use certain system fonts. Any progress on this "internal VW" thing?

On a related note, we're about to buy a new office font. There seems to be some variation throughout the BB regarding what is the ideal font type. We will be using this font on both PC's and Mac's, exporting/importing, AutoCAD, Vectorworks, Word, etc. Can anyone run down the (most current) pros and cons of Truetype, Open Type and Postscript? Please

VW 10.0.0 on OS 10.2.3 (800 Mhz G4)

printing (with effort) to a HP 500PS

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This is a known and fixed problem with Post Script fonts.

VW 10.0.0 and 10.0.1 will not export text that is created using a PostScript font.

Updating to VW 10.1 or using a non-ps font will resolve the problem.

You can update to VW 10.1 after updating to VW 10.0.1 from our downloads page.

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