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Troy W

Maintaining CAD origin on imported / referenced files

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I'm a bit lost on how to import CAD files and maintain the origin without having to "center after import." As a landscape architect, I'll typically be working with a survey, a civil plan, and an architectural plan, all referenced to the same location within a .dwg file. If I try to import all these files without centering they will usually be way off from the page area, but they will match up. If I "center after import", they go to the page area but don't match up plus I lose my original coordinates.

So I guess I'm wondering how I can bring in those files, maintain the original coordinates from the .dwg files, and still end up working in the page area.

(Most of my concern is that if I export my drawing to a consultant who is working in CAD I want it to match up precisely where it needs to be on their drawing.)

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you can move the page area, there is a tool for it, if you edit your workspace you will be able to find the tool and add it.

I am never bothered about working in the page area, i leave it where it is and use the fit to objects button to move myself around. I always use world co-ordinates, makes life much easier, i can never understand why people do not georeference their files, especially when sharing with other disciplines..... its just plain lazy

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Thanks for the replies.

I read something earlier about not working in the page area and how it might mess up the display of certain line types, hatches, and what not so I was a little concerned about that. Has that been the case for you at all, monkey?

I do have Service Select, Ozzie. Do you by chance have a link for the pdf?

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Hi Troy

there is a knowledge base article that you should read about origins - it helps to explain all the different bits (and why moving the page a long way from the original origin is not recommended)


Also, if you import ONE file and centre after import, then import the next file, the second file should align properly (don't centre the second file?. when you centre the FIRST file, it moves the user origin. then when you bring in the second file it uses the MOVED origin to line up.


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