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Unexplained Lighting Objects (or ULOs) appearing in the skys of my drawing


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So I am entering the 21st century by creating a Light Plot drawing wholly in Spotlight and utilizing the lighting objects instead of just symbols for the first time. Beyond the Issues(!) of object label manipulation to create an ascetically pleasing layout, it?s going ok. BUT the issue that I cannot explain and am asking for help/guidance is for the lighting objects that are appearing in the drawing file without my consent.

This issue arose while building an Instrument key by placing unit symbols into the key and I look over at LW and 5 lighting objects have now appeared at the top of my ?view all by channel? display (without any attributes other than the Instrument type) and beyond my explanation the units are hanging out like an un-welcomed house guest at my zero/zero point in my drawing file.

I?ve since downgraded my unit symbols in my key to objects and the problem has stopped.

From the action description would anyone have any possible explanation of why this is happening?

Also in this vein - if lighting objects get unintentionally inserted into the drawing file via unexplained happenstance or by an errant entry into LW, how do I quickly locate them? Do they always go to the zero/zero point? Is there any consistent layer they appear in? or is it whichever layer is currently active and can I over-ride that so they appear only on one ?I know where to look? layer? Searching all the layers for these errant lighting objects is getting so! boring.

Thanks. I welcome your thoughts.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Instruments added by LW that don't have a position assigned will be placed on the active layer at 0,0.

If the units have a position and unit number assigned then they will be placed on the same layer as the position in between the neighboring lights, or at the center if there are unnumbered.

If you are building a key you don't want to insert lighting devices using the instrument insertion tool; you want to just place symbols using the symbol insertion tool.

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