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Fundamentals 2012 - place sheet number/name on sheet layer?

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Hi everyone,

I'm quite sure the answer to this is 'no', but giving it a try anyway: we are using Vectorworks 2012 Fundamentals in the office and wonder if there is any way to place the sheet number and/or name of a certain sheet on that sheet layer (e.g. as a text frame, or as the value for a data record attached to our page-symbol).

This way, we would avoid the double work of systematically numbering and naming our sheet layers in the organization panel, and rewriting these numbers and names on our page colophon.



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Thanks for your reply.

However, it is unclear to me where exactly to write the '_SN' part to make it work.

I tried both the Field Name and Default Value fields of the Record Format, but neither seems to work.

Does it have anything to do with the fact that I'm using Fundamentals?

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It shouldn't. You want to "link text to record."

Create a record with the fields you want

Inside your symbol of the title block, type in text where you want it to be.

To each piece of text, select it and "link text to record" (it's a menu item somewheres...)

The text will change to your defaults you have set up in the record.

Now each time you place that symbol on a page, you can change the text by going to the data tab in the OIP and selecting that record format.

Furthermore, you can create a worksheet of all of those symbols, listing their date (ie. Table of Contents). You can then change the data there instead of going to each sheet layer.

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Thanks for answering, but unfortunately this does not solve the problem.

I am aware of the possibility to 'link text to record'. We use this all the time to manually write the title of each sheet on that page (in our title block).

My question, however, is if there is any possibility (using Fundamentals - no BIM) to automatically link the sheet number and name (as we write in the organization panel) to such a data record.

That way, we would not have to re-write every sheet number and title twice (once in the organization panel, once in the data field of our title block on each sheet).

The _SN suffix solution, as proposed, seems not to work in our case. I'm wondering if this is because it is not supported by Fundamentals...

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