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As Built Laser Scanning

Guest BillV

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Guest BillV

I would be interested to hear from any user who has tried to import (successfully or otherwise) a DWG or DXF produced by the Leica Cloudworkx Laser Scanning System

This is so significant that it is something VW needs to do. There are plug ins for Revit and Micro Station but not it seems for VW.

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After a quick look at that image, some of that looks like it has been modeled. The very uniform shades of grey of the walls, for example. But yeah, most of that stuff in color like furniture, drapes and things with texture, is probably not rendered. That's the output, more or less.

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I have recently had surveyors use this surveying system. They still have to verify and pick points in the cloud. Essentially drawing 3D polygons and objects by snapping to points in the cloud. It is mostly helpful, in that once you have all of the data, you don't have to go back to site to check. Great if you need lots of granularity, or have a site that is hard to access. In short, I doubt the image shown is a direct render - though the thought is nice.

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Whoops! Didn't see the As Built service. There was certainly no Mac or VW plugins for the Leica system when I was using it (in the last 18 months). Must be a similar technology to what Apple are using in their mapping apps.

Certain materials are read by the laser to be viewed a different colours. I suspect for the nice looking renders, they are simply changing the colours to make them look more normal. Here is an image of what our surveyors provided the draftsperson inputting the 3D data.


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