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Plant Image on Legend - black

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When I export my planting plan sheet to PDF the resulting planting palette / legend displays black boxes behind plant images. The images were imported into the plant palette worksheet using VW database symbols.

This does not happen when printing directly from VW to my printer. But we need PDF sets to send for large scale printing. Has anyone else experienced this or have a fix?


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I have seen this before. One of my customers had the problem, but it turned out that they were using File > Print and then printing to PDF. The solution in that case was to run File > Export > Export PDF.

In that case, my customer was also placing the worksheet on the design layer and then creating a Viewport of it. I can't remember if this was contributing to the problem, but it may have been. The solution was to place the worksheet directly onto the sheet. There is no need to create a viewport of the worksheet. It is an independent element at 1:1 and can therefore sit straight onto the Sheet Layer.

I hope either of those or both solutions help you out.

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I am using the File>Export>Export PDF method and that is what produces the black boxes. This is our typical workflow.

I also tried to place the worksheet directly in sheet space. But this is not helpful because it is at 1:1 and you cannot scale the worksheet.

Finally, using File>Print>Save as did not produce the black boxes. We can temporarily use this as a fix but it would be nice to have a solution to our typical workflow.

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