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  1. I got it now. This seems to be the way to solve it. Thank you!
  2. Tamsin, I am using the File>Export>Export PDF method and that is what produces the black boxes. This is our typical workflow. I also tried to place the worksheet directly in sheet space. But this is not helpful because it is at 1:1 and you cannot scale the worksheet. Finally, using File>Print>Save as did not produce the black boxes. We can temporarily use this as a fix but it would be nice to have a solution to our typical workflow.
  3. When I export my planting plan sheet to PDF the resulting planting palette / legend displays black boxes behind plant images. The images were imported into the plant palette worksheet using VW database symbols. This does not happen when printing directly from VW to my printer. But we need PDF sets to send for large scale printing. Has anyone else experienced this or have a fix? Thanks!
  4. We have tried to add a category in the database using "modify table view," and add a new category, but the closest category VW displays is "unique ID." There seems to be no way to ass plant ID as a category and make it import to a plants symbol, as you can do with name, size, etc. We tried to have this question answered in a previous thread and while there were quite a few views (98), only one response was given which proved fruitless. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=181655#Post181655
  5. Isn't the purpose of the plant database to quickly apply plant data to a plant symbol? This is supposed to save the time of having to manually enter plant data into a plant symbol, right? Our team tags plants by "quantity & plant ID." This helps our contractors in the field. For example they know that 52-ba means 52 blue avena grass. The VW plant database is a great tool which saves time by quickly applying plant data, such as botanical name, common name, height and mature spread, to a symbol. However, the plant database does not have a category for "plant ID." Every time we assign a plant symbol with data from the VW plant database we still have to assign the symbol with a "plant ID" manually. Having to manually input this data every time you build a plant symbol is defeating the purpose of the plant database. The database should be flexible so we can add pertinent plant data. Is it possible to add an ID category? Thank you
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