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Textures only mapped to the perimeter of an extrude?

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For some reason (and this happens a lot) some extrudes I create dont map in the same way as others. In the picture, should be all solid stone panels, but some are hollow? The OIP has the same settings in shape and render settings, in the same layer and same class, but sometimes the texture only maps to the perimeter? (Even though map-type is set to auto align plane)

The only thing I can think of is the extrudes are on a different angle, but should that matter?

Any help would be nice thanks... Im so confused!

Oh btw im still using vector works 2012SP5

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Often this indicates that the 2d source poly of the extrude is not closed. The same " hollow" appearance displays with color fills, textures, etc. The open poly can be caused by failed snap, by importing faulty polys, or by other means. If this happens lots with source polys you create, check settings for your snaps and smart point acquisition time so that your start and end snaps are coincident.

Cure is to close the 2d source poly. Many ways:

?Edit the extrude (dbl click)

?Select the 2d poly if necessary and check the Closed box in the OIP.

?Or, while in the Extrude Edit,use the OIP arrows to move through the vertices. If one of them winks more than once, it is an item in a stack of vertices. If you find a stack, use the Delete Vertex button.

?Or, dbl click the 2d poly to engage the Reshape Tool

?Drag each vertex a bit. Undo if no stack. If you find a stack, use the Delete Vertex mode of the Reshape tool to removed stacked vertices. Or, if you don't mind the extra vertices, click the Show Next Edge button. Exit the extrude.

?Or, use the lasso mode of 2d Polygon tool to surround the source poly

?This creates a new closed poly with fewest vertices possible. Delete the open poly, exit the extrude edit. Unfortunately, the paint bucket mode does not work for this.

I hope one of these works for you.


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with me, all extrudes are hollow, no matter if it's a 2d poly or even a rectangle (that must be closed by design). they are assigned to the class that is filled as solid, with aimed textures for all options.

all to no avail, no additional vertices while scanning with oip arrows, either. the extrudes remain transparent.

does anybody have a clue what could be the reason?



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well, it might have been that the 'use at creation' check button in the class attributes dialog (set filled as solids) must be checked before the shape is being created...


otherwise i don't know how to change it afterwards.

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