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generic solid versus roof face - help!

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I've run into an interesting issue and I'm wondering if of you have run in to this before. I've got a site model and building model, both in the same file and organized on design layers/stories. For some reason when I create a rectangle on the roof layer and then use the roof face tool it creates a roof face instead of a generic solid. Where the problem comes in is when I attempt to fit walls to object (for a gable roof) it extends the wall straight up above the roof face instead of creating the gable end.......

I open a new file, create some design layers and stories, model the same building, create the rectangle and convert to a roof face and it creates a generic solid which works perfectly with the "fit walls to object" tool....

Any ideas?

I'm starting to wonder if I should create the building model in a separate file as the site and then once done bring it in as a reference. But that kind of gets away from the whole "BIM" side of things in my mind.


Any help would be so appreciated! :-)

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Maybe your first file has layers at undesirable elevations such that it is fitting the walls to the roof face but that the roof face is merely higher than you think...or perhaps because the roof face is at it's own elevation over and above the separate layer elevation it is on.

Got that?

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Guest Wes Gardner

Hey Jeremiah,

Two things - could you post your computer specs in the signature space? It may help get to the issue quicker. The Roof Face Tool typically creates a roof face, not a generic solid. Can you post an example file?


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BC, I did think at first that my layers and stories were screwy. So I opened a clean document, set up my layers and stories again (same settings) and modeled the basic shell all over again. In the new file, the walls extended properly.

The roof face is set to it's own elevation at the top of the wall and slopes up. I've attached a view of the wall extension issue.

Currently running on Vectorworks 2013 (mac). I have no idea what the specs of my machine are. 8gb, 1.2ghz, etc etc. Typical iMac.

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Fit Walls to Geometry/Roof should work on all types of geometry not specifically on roof faces or generic solids.....

Make sure the walls are completely 'under' the roof object.

You could post the file here and we'll have a look.

(If you have a deadline it is possible to manually adjust the wall, double click the wall and several handles will appear which you can drag around, if you need more handles/wall peaks you can add and subtract handles with the tools on the mode bar.....)

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