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extrude along path is just to many steps. I want to designate a pipe and size, draw a line, and set start and end point inverts. And because this is a specific tool I can then collect data in a worksheet.

For example, I want to set drain piping under a permeable drive and coordinate the outflow of this. I would like to set the pipe to Shed 40 PVC (Perf) 4" with a start invert at 964.85 ft and end at 963.10. This would then show in 3D elevations and be able to show data in worksheets.

It would also be nice to have an auto label feature that would show on plan type, size and start and finish inverts and have the functionality to turn off or on each tag.

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yes with the bends, I assumed that fittings and connections would be worked through as Symbols. Of course I am looking at this more from the Landscape side, but I would assume that there would be some piping in Architectural that would require elevation or at least slope.

That would be a good add to the tool, the choice of slope or elevation.

And yes bends should be allowed preferably the ability to use a poly line as a line generator.

As I earlier described Shd 40 PVC quite often here we use Corrugated flexible tubing which can run in curves very easily.

For the use of irrigation line PVC or PE are the choice and cuves are frequent so the ability to set a simple sub elevation (ie. -12" form surface) would be great (as this is often "Plowed" into the ground.

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