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Sculptural Walls

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My interior walls (both straight and round) typically rise to the height of the dome, which is irregular along the top...sometimes radiused, but not necessarily. What's the best way to create a wall that reaches the exterior surface, but doesn't protrude beyond it, nor stop short of it? It was really awkward to do this in DenebaCAD, and I'm hoping it's a tad easier here, but thus far I'm not sure of the best way.

If there's no abra-cadabra command, then it's certainly a wish list item to allow an item to extrude to where it's constrained by another surface (NURBS surface, especially).

Thanks. Jim

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It's going to be difficult to draw the walls at perfect arcs .. ( I know .. you don't want to hear that again from us ... but you are drawing odd shapes)

To use the 3d reshape tool, you will need to add vertices along the top edge of the wall. Once you have enough vertices, you can then use the reshape mode of the 3d reshape tool to move the top edge of the walls up at each one of the vertex points.

One limitation, you can't make the top of the wall edge slant at an angle without doing a solid subtraction. when you do this, you lose the attributes of it being a wall. If the wall is curved, it will become faceted. This is something to keep in mind.

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Thanks, both. Not the easiest thing in the world, but sounds doable. I'm fine on not faceting the top edge, be/c I can usually hide any roughness by aiming to the middle of a 6 or 8" exterior wall thickness.

The solids subtraction equivalent is what I used to have to do, and that was never really fun.

Really would be cool to extrude to a nurbs surface, though...

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