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Simple operations slow

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Working on a project that was started 4 months ago so it was in VW2012 - but now I am doing the CD's in version 2013. Some operations are really really slow (joining a wall brings up the beach ball and sometimes takes 15-20 seconds). Are there some settings I need to be looking out for that may be causing things to run so slow.

I am on an iMac, 2.66 GHz Intel Core 15, 12 GB RAM, 1067 MHz DDR3 (whatever that means)

I am running OS X (vs 10.7.5)


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Specs looks ok, but:

What's your graphics card? Make sure you have the latest driver for it. This is the number one reason of VW troubles. So check this first.

Also check if by setting the option 'Enhanced navigation graphics' off in the VW preferences, you got better results.

There are some other preferences that can make VW runs faster. Just read all and try them.


(Some side notes:

12GB is great, but it's only 1067MHz DDR3, wich isn't that fast. Whenever you upgrade the memory, you have to go for the fastest posible, but make sure your motherboard still can handle it.

2,66Ghz isn't that fast. Always go for a minimum of 3Ghz and get the fastest possible. VW really depends on this as it does a lot of calculation of the cpu instead of the gpu.)

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