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Group Class Attributes - NOT

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I do not want the class attributes of my group to include the objects within the group... it usually pops up and asks the question but it isn't doing and so when i make my group, it changes all the attributes of the items/objects the same and i dont want them to! I just want to put my 4 houses onto their own class so i can turn them on and off collectively...whilst still having the windows/doors/walls/furniture etc having their own attributes.

Any ideas?! Most frustrating!

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Just out of curiosity though, why would you GROUP an entire building?

It is a group of buildings that he wants to turn on/off by assigning a class to the group.

You would want to group a collection of similar objects with a group class to turn them all on/off at once while still keeping the classes for each part of an object. Otherwise to have the same effect, you would need to turn on/off all the classes that make up the object. In a view, you would still need to turn on/off the class(es).

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You can achieve the same thing with the DLVP, by classing the DLVP as you would the group.

The best way (in my opinion) to work normally is to separate certain elements of a building by layers as opposed to having EVERYTHING on one layer (in VW). Like, a standard 2 story building can be made up of (at a bare minimum); Ground Floor, First Floor, and Roof layers (3). Preferably, you would want additional layers for Floor Slabs (although it isn't necessary). You cannot (as far as I know) group objects/elements that are on different layers.

Saying that, I am assuming that ALL elements in your case are on the one layer, therefore enabling you to group them. In my opinion at least, this wouldn't be best practice, but what I may prefer, you may not!


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