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What does it take?

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I'm just curious. With respect to video cards....what does it take to allow VW to run nice and snappy? No more 1-2 second delays to refresh the screen (even more if something is actually selected). Does anyone have a video card for a macbook pro that allows this? Is it possible?

VW 2012 Arch SP3

Macbook Pro 2.2 I7, 8GB DDR3

AMD Radeon HD6750M 1024MB

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Thanks....I read through that and it seems my specs are up to the task. It just doesn't work. I've noticed this laggy performance since 2009, and on 2 computers. I was hoping someone else with similar specs was getting better performance and could maybe help point me in the right direction. As it is, I need to consciously force myself to work slower....it's tiring, and frustrating.

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