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I am having real trouble with the space tool. Our building is about 350 rooms and I have used the paint bucket tool to auto-create spaces to walls. The trouble is the speed of the tool and especially the speed of updating the boundaries after wall changes. It takes my machine upwards of 10 minutes to compute the change.

A screen grab is attached FYI. As you can see the change in area is minimal but clicking "update boundary" from the OIP sends my machine into cardiac arrest.


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Well I've had a go at turning off as much information as possible before editing the spaces and the problem remains.

I wonder if there is some hidden option that I have checked that is causing this problem.

I have tried this file on a number of hi-spec machines in the office.

Does anyone else have these problems using spaces? Does anyone else use spaces?

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OK so I will just conclude that on a school project with 200+ rooms the spaces tool is useless. Very annoying.

There has to be some improvement on this tool as it promised to be one of the major benefits in using Vectorworks on Education projects, where occupancy data plays a key role in developing the scheme.

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Jeffrey - sample 2012 file attached from a colleague. This is a zipped file so change the extension from .vwx to .zip then unzip it.

Pick any space and try and turn on 'auto boundary' and then try and do something else - it will spin for at least a minute even in this stripped down version (machine spec same as my signature). Or try and edit a wall and update a space and you will wait for 30 seconds.

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And while I've got the attention of a real Nemetschekian can you request that the forums are updated to accept zip files without having to hide them, and that inline images can be posted directly without having to attach them and re-insert the image from the attachment. Pretty please.

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I also tested the file, and it's what I said before: there are too many walls on the layer. If you delete all things, except for the things in the right blue rectangle, then the spaces act normally. That's the thing with spaces in VW, VW looks for all walls in the layer and if they are many, then it can take some time.

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