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Auto-bound slab between an inner and outer wall

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I'd like to be able to auto-bound a slab between an inner and outer wall.

The attached example shows the area in green. The inner wall is the main external wall of this storey and the outer wall is a low level parapet wall. If I try to auto-bound a slab to this area it just creates a slab for the entire floor, bound by the outer wall.

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Yes that would be nice.

For now, we will have to do it manually.

You don't need to do it manually:

Or you make sure that your walls is in the right pieces.

Or you clip the inner surface out of it. (That's half manually).

The automatic bounding is 'bugged' as by all situations it doesn't handle. It just search for the biggest slab it can made off all the selected walls. I have already send different bug submits about this. Hopefully this will be better in the next version.

I also send a bug submit about the lost ability to get inside the slab by double clicking to edit the added and clipped surfaces while seeing all the rest of the drawing. It makes it more difficult to handle them. Now if they weren't needed....

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