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I've noticed that my default text size keeps changing, sometimes even to 0 creating problems with text-notes plug-ins without me setting it.I have a shortcut for format text, but I'm aware of when I use it or not.Is there a hidden key combination that makes me change it or this erratic changes are a mulfunction?VW 9.5.1 Architect Win XP / 2000 Pro


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Sounds to me like you've got one of them there AI versions of 9.5.1

I have commented on this before. VW seems to be rewriting itself. For the most part the goofs and bugs it writes into its program don't look any different from the goofs and bugs that the original programmers have inserted. It has thus gone undetected. But it is growing and it is getting smarter.

Also you may have changed the text size at some point when you think you have selected something and you haven't, thereby changing the default. Or maybe VW deselected things a fraction of a moment before you changed the text size and then reselected them immediately after....

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