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  1. That's ok Katie. I thought I had thought of all the obvious angles but I always forget the 2d 3d thing. Not that I was drawing in 3d but you never know. And I never will know because I trashed all the symbols and started again. Thanks anyway.
  2. Got a problem. I will send you an e-mail of the drawing I am working in if you could take a look and tell me what you think. It is a floor plan of a condo. and each floor plan is a symbol because I am using them at different scales in different drawings. The problem lies in the fact taht there is a ghostly bathroom that appears when the symbold is inserted in the drawing but that isn't visible when you are in the symbol edit mode. Tried turning all the classes on and all the layers. I tried going into the symbol and copy clipped the entire floor plan and pasted it into a new clean symbol and voila the ghost bathroom returned in exactly the same spot. What gives? please tell me an e-mail so I can send this over and get it sorted. I am lost. and under the gun to get stuff completed . HEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!
  3. Well I reduced things to 120mb minimum and 150mb preferred. I have turned off all the hatch. there is no hatch And I am crashing all over the place. So I give up I am going home. Thanks for your hlp. Have a nice long weekend folks.
  4. As Jack Nicholson said in "A Few Good Men" .... "Well, I feel like a stupid idiot" at least that's the way they dubbed it. Thanks I'll try that and get back to you. Bear in mind, I truned VM on because someone said to. I also upped my memory allocation because some one said to. I am very impressionable.
  5. just noticed I am getting carrid away with these smilies Is it annoying anyone because I can stop anytime really half of the time I don't even know what emotion I am trying to convey because it's such an emotionless business I am in
  6. Usually there are no other programs running. just finder and Vectorworks My min and preferred are as follows: min: 300,000 preferred: 400,000 is that a lot?
  7. Or scratch her, whioch is what I meant to say. Katie: second part of your question, I can make the problem drawing crash every time just by grabbing something and dragging it around for a bit. If the auto scrolling feature takes me off the screen then I am sure to crash. However this is not the only thing that causes a crash. And it doesn't necessarily crash right away when I do the drag thing, but it will eventually crash. Sometimes if I crash while moving something and restart VW and go back into the same drawing and try to do the same thing again it will crash in exactly the same part of the move. The idiosyncrasies are endless. Incedentally, since starting this thread, which I admit hass been going on a bit too long simply because I enjoy hearing myself type, I have turned off the hatch in the latest problem drawing and have had no further crashes. This is not to say it won't crash in the future bbut I will keep you posted. Also.... I may not ever have to ask another stupid question or bring up any more painful and unsolvable problems because I think the powers that be are going to buy me VW 10 NO MORE WORRIES!!!!!!!!!
  8. Katie: I am getting no error messages. The program simply stops responding. The mouse still moves around by which sign I know the computer hasn't gone down, only the proram. However I can only get back into Finder by forcing VW to quit. Occasionally the computer will freeze. This calls for a reboot. The program freeze happens on average, every minute when I am working in a problem drawing. this barely gives me time to save. I can make two or three moves and then save them and maybe make one more before she goes tits up. Just to give you an idea. The computer freez happens maybe once every 10 or fifteen program freezes. Again, no message. Its not unlike my dog who sometimes just loses interest in you regardless of where you are scratching you and wanders off to chew on a sock. (that often calls for a re-boot too, but for those I use my steel toe kodiaks) Fonts..... Well fonts may be corrupt or they may not be I don't know. Fonts are probably the least understood bit of Macs for me. Telling me to check my fonts is like telling me to manipulate my genes. where do I start eh???
  9. Not really. I finally figured out how to get my password back.
  10. I did Titnaium, er I mean Titanium, I did this too and it crashed as I was doing it... The new drawing crashed. I have labouriously changed all my wall areas into specific classes with hatches assigned to each. I will see how that works. I answer to the question about whether it is computer specific...no it isn't The same drawing chrashes on any given computer in our office, and I have 5 to choose from. Thanks for the suggestions though. On the other hand, These drawings never crash my PC at home. ever. Unfortunately its at home. ...
  11. oo-er I guess I should take VW off my PC then and forget the serial number. I didn't realize it was illegal. Not that it matters. I haven't used it much at home anyway. I thought it would be nifty to be able to work at home and complete models and renderings that I started in the office but then I get home and I think Nah, I'd rather be out in my workshop. But it raises the question. If an office has PC's and Macs operating in the same office, and it does happen. Things aren't as Black and White as they might appear. Can you get combined licenses that allow Vectorworks to be moved from Mac to PC or a 5 pack say with licenses in it for both PC's and Macs. We all thought we could do that, and we have a PC in the office that was supposed to do double duty as a drafting station. (not that it has panned out that way, but it could have) Does this mean we would have to go and purchase yet another licence in order to use the PC even if we haven't used all the serial numbers in our five pack?????
  12. Yes marc, firstly and most important... You installed VW 9.5.2
  13. Are there different licence serial numbers for PC's and Mac's for Renderworks. I tried to install Renderworks on my home PC, I work on a Mac in the office. The serial number worked fine for Vectorworks, but when I type in the RW serial number to get Renderworks up and running It says incorrect format or some such. I thought both applications were shipped to be installable on either PC's or Mac's, serial numbers and all. At least I thought this when I bought my Dell to get rendering work done while I am at home. Most inconvenient.
  14. It is my firmly held conviction that VW is really just a cleverly disguised virus, undetectable by the likes of Norton and Macaffee. They can't see the forest for the trees so to speak. In any case. It is wreaking havoc with my computer Is there a cure for the VW Bug??? besides an oil change and new brakes.
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