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sharing the VW_USER_DATA folder

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Hi All

I am trying to share the resources and favorites between two licenses of VW, using windows server 2003 PC to host the VW_USER_DATA folder.

I set the "User Data and Preferences Folder" to the server location on each copy of Vectorworks, and it appears to work as expected.

However, most times when I launch VW, it requires activation over the Internet before it will proceed.

When I pointed the second computer to the server location, VW asked if I wanted to copy the entire contents to the new location, and I declined. So I suspect some license information didn't get copied over.

Can anyone enlighten me on a fix for this.

Thanks in advance. Mat Caird

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The user folder is for 1 user, not multiple users that will use it at the same time. You really should not do this.

What you can do on the other hand:

* Create another folder for your library and move all library files that aren't user dependent to that folder so you can reference to that in your workgroup references (below the user folder location in vw preferences).

* Then duplicate the user folder for each user and reference to that as the user folder, one for each user!

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I know you have custom tools. How do you manage your office for upgrades, work spaces etc?.

With every version, I test the tools to see if they still work and if I need to make adjustments. When they work, they just go in our plug-in library folder. Each user knows they need to reference this library folder in their VW preferences.

For work spaces: each user works differently, some on 2 screens (including me) and so we can't make a work space that everyone can use. So each will have their own workspace.

What we just do is take the standard workspace that comes with vw and adding 2 hot key combinations to it. Adding our commands to it and place it in all users folder. The user folders are on our server. So when the first user the workspace, they can set all how they want to. So when I need to alter the workspace, I alter the standard one, and copy it to the user folders. They will need to move their palletes to where they want, but it's not like we alter the workspace every day.

Our custom objects don't need to be added. I save one with standard settings in the library. So when they need a custom object, they drag it from the library and the symbol will be converted to the pio (that's an option for symbols). This is because we keep adding custom objects from time to time. We also have many custom objects that uses the objects that VW delivers, but with added functionality that we need.

Maybe there are other that will share their work methods in this regard? It could make our workings on this better.

As I think of it know, The workspace should be split in two parts. A part where we can tell what goes in it, so we can set content in one place for all users, and a part for where the palettes go and other user dependent stuff. Maybe for the wish list?

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...they just go in our plug-in library folder. Each user knows they need to reference this library folder in their VW preferences.

Where do you keep the 'our plug-in library'.

Is this a single library that everyone points there user folder to.

Or is it a Master Set that gets coped to the user folder of each work station.

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Unsure why image did not load.

Image here

I uploaded on another site, the link above will have two screen shots in the blog post.


Looks like you are using the user folder setting.

Unless this has changed in 2012, my understanding is that you don't have granular control on the library files. You can only set the entire user folder.

When I try this method I have problems. Every time a different Computer start the VWCertificateA.txt file gets over ridden. When it gets overridden, VectorWorks requires us to reregister. (Initiate, I can't recall wording). This process requires an internet connection. This does not work when you take a laptop to site for a measure up.

Our laptop means your server folder might not work anyhow. Do you laptops in your office?. If so do you have issues connecting to your server folder when the Laptops are being used offsite?.

I used to use a shared folder on Dropbox, it worked like a dream. Until 2010 when the certificate was introduced into the user folder.

Desperate to find out how to fix this. I, like you, tinker with PIO's regularly. I have a workstation for heavy files and a laptop for travel. Keeping all computers upto date is now a total pain.

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We have all our folders on our server, even the user folders, but these are just so that everyone can work on every computer in the office and keep their preferences.

So for your plug-ins or other library stuff that's for everyone, use the workgroup folders settings. You can add as many as you want, so for example you can have a place for plug-ins and a place for your favorites etc...

VW will load the top reference first and so on, so when a resource (or plug-in) is in two references, VW will use the one of the highest reference. This can come in handy: You can set your folder for the plug-ins in development and one for the finished plug-ins. When you want to work on development, change the order and you can work. When you just want to use them to draw, reset the order again.

Be aware that the contents of the library folders must reflect the one on your harddrive because VW will look for specific folders.

We have laptops in our office, but we don't use them offsite. When using them offsite, we will need to make sure there is a permanent internet connection available. If you can't make sure this is the case, you can still do it. You can setup a one way synchronisation to your laptop. Then when your laptop gets a connection and it sees that some files have changed, or added/deleted, it will update it's folder on it's hard drive.

I think you can still use your dropbox folder, but you have to set it as a workgroup reference and put only those things in it that aren't user depending. The user folder also have another structure than the library folders.

One little annoyance: there are settings that are still in the user folder that I think should go in the library folders. For this to easy distribute, make a default user folder with only those things for all user in it. When you update them, copy them to all user folders and let all override. It's the easiest way I could find for these.

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