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window 2d/3d

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I have the problem, that the 2d-plan of my window (2.png) is as I want it to be (the insulation overlaps the jamb), but in 3d that does't work.

In 2d-plan I could extend the insulation by dragging a little marked point in the drawing. But maybe I'm wrong and the cutting of a window / door plugin-object an the overlapping stuff is to be controlled in an other way. It seems to me a rather important issue, maybe I'm just not searching on the right place.

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I never knew it existed either but just did a bit of googling. Turns out it appears if you set a number in the internal or external "Comps" field - a very non-intuitive reference to "number of components which wrap at the window opening". So you can for example set it at "1" and drag the external leaf of brickwork or insulation or whatever to overlap a window frame or close a cavity.

Am now looking for an equivalent in Windoor....!

Learn something new every day...

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Here's one way:

Draw the insulation overlap as 3D solids (polyline extrude with one side hidden to insure no unwanted lines in Top/Plan view).

Apply texture, to align textures: texture settings for both wall and 3Ds = 'Auto align plane' and 'Use world z for origin'.

To get the hidden line render to work convert the solids to structural:


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I've done it a slightly different way; I've set up various "wall styles" to suit different constructions and shoved them in the Resources pallette - 12mm plasterboard, facing brick, boarding on battens etc - all with wall top at usual window/door head height and bottom at typical lowest cill level (the latter can be re-set to suit each window if required). I then just double-click 'em and draw in Top/Plan view. Set "no caps" and the 2D joins seem to vanish nicely.

But I'm still a relative VW newbie so there's probably a much easier way...

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The tried and true method would be to make a symbol from the window plug-in and then independently create 2d only and 3d only objects inside each symbol component so each display the way you want them to. You may be able to put the wall segments suggested previous right into the symbol.

You might have issues making each look seamless but with some fussing you can usually get past that such as inserting symbol without caps and/or texture mapping, etc.

This is never the first chosen method but usually works as a last resort.

Haven't used the Symbol Hole Component much since introduced but could be beneficial here at some capacity.


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