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  1. I got the problem fixed: Since Security update OSX 10.14.6 (18G1012) no crashes with dimensions anymore. Seems to be a Mojave issue.
  2. We tried out the file on different computers in our firm: exactly the same Mac mini 2018, same OS, same VW SP6: On two Macs it crashes, on one Mac everything is working fine.... Same after preferences-reset. Where is the problem???
  3. yes, absolutely, SP6 I have attached a file with the problem-chain-dimension... dimension.vwx
  4. It has happened to us a few times: If we want to edit a chain dimension, vecorworks crashes, just by selecting the dimension. We feel like the dimension chain is broken, but how can we delete it if we can't even select it?
  5. uhhh, It seems that the round steel profiles in the facade are actually a problem. We draw them as extruded circles. Mistake? How can they be build 3d less time-consuming for hidden-line rendering?
  6. We drew some round columns and steel pipes in the facade, but hopefully that should be possible. Apart from that, there's actually nothing elaborate about it. Does anyone have any other ideas? Any settings in the Preferences?
  7. After setting up two new projects in 3d, we realize that the software has become insanely slow. Especially when creating section viewports from the 3d model. We can't work like this... The hidden line-rendering of a view or a section takes 10 - 30 seconds (we are still in the early design stage !) depending on the project... Since our new Mac minis were not recommended for VW 2018 according to nemetschek information due to the poor internal graphics card, we have strengthened them with a powerful external graphics card. However, this obviously has no advantage at all with hidden line rendering, which we used for the section views. I have attached my mac-configuration below: actually this should be a very powerful hardware... Maybe the mistake is somewhere else, but we definitely don't know what we're doing wrong.
  8. Since my post I updated to osx 10.14.2, it seems, that solved the problem. Is that possible? There is also a new SP 6 on the Vectorworks.net, that I could try. Mac mini.spx
  9. we have a problem with vectorworks 2018 SP5: Files we created with old osx el capitan computers (macminis) can be opened and viewed with new mac minis (2018) mojave, but when you click on a wall, VW crashes. We did a clean install of vectorworks, we also downloaded the SP5 from the internet and installed it. Is this a known issue?
  10. uhh, you are so fast... here is the vectorworks file. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/15305493/Silvantest.zip As you see, I wanted to cut a whole just beside the road. That also causes trouble, because the pad / boundary between road and road overlap? thanks for your help.
  11. I've been playing around with the site model and the roadway nurbs tool. Unfortunately it does not work the way I imagined it. The road is flat on the terrain, but the curb seems not to be rounded. Without curb the road looks like a sheet of paper... The 3d resolution conversion res in the preferences is set to very high, so that's not the problem, right? Any suggestions? I always wonder: how do others model there terrain models with roads etc.
  12. people from the german vector works distributor computerworks told us, this function would not be supported in VW 2012 International anymore: Only users in the german speaking countries would use it, and therefore not enough, to keep the function working. I couldn't believe it, but thats my state of knowledge. We would have to buy a german version of VW - there the function is still alive... PV2, you could also send a bug report, so that Nemetchek takes our concerns serious ? SP 3 didn't solve the problem
  13. As we are in germany and the local distributor of VW "computerworks" prefers to sell a translated and enhanced german version of VW, he is not so much interested in solving a problem of the international version... This seems to be the problem at the moment.
  14. I asked the tech-support (tech@vectorworks.net). They told me to contact our local distributor for technical support - thats what I did. They tell me: there is no such function as "show elevation" and "custom elevation" in VW 2012 international. But it was in VW 2011 international, that is for sure !!! So why was it suppressed in VW 2012 ??? have a look at the png.file: It's the same file, that I created in VW 2011 and then opened in VW 2012.
  15. We use the international version, as far as I know it's the us-version, 2012, SP 2 Did you try out with the SIA-Dimension-Standard? The checkbox is only showing in this dimension standard !
  16. In VW 2011 there was a tool, we were regularly using in our office: In the Dimension Standard "SIA" you could check the box "show Elevation" and manually enter the hight of a window f.e. - even if there was no true cad 3d-information. In VW 2012 this doesn't work anymore: the checkbox is greyed. Very painful, because we have migrated a big building design in VW 2012, an all the dimensions with this elevation-information is greyed and can't be edited anymore.
  17. I'm playing around with the space-tool, which seems to be very useful. Most of all the function of showing the area of a space. The "field" that I use for this is "net area", which works perfectly - no problem here... But: VW automatically adds the suffix "sq m" How can I change that ??? I would prefer m2 or something else. Is that possible??
  18. there is nobody to help me ?? so let's do it, like we did it in mini cad: ground floor 2d section 2d tsss....
  19. OK, it's not a bug. However: my new question would be: how can I draw a window as shown in my uploads (insulation to overlap a window frame) that shows up in 2d and 3d?
  20. Hi, I'm sorry, here is the file: Architect VW 2012 Architect SP1 Mac mini, OS X 10.7.2, 2,7 GHz Intel Core i7, 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
  21. really no ideas to my question ?????
  22. I'm gentle... class is the first and only choice in our office: it applies to all subgroups and symbols and first of all: the name of the class appears in artlantis: "concrete" in vector works stays "concrete" in artlantis. that was the question?
  23. I have the problem, that the 2d-plan of my window (2.png) is as I want it to be (the insulation overlaps the jamb), but in 3d that does't work. In 2d-plan I could extend the insulation by dragging a little marked point in the drawing. But maybe I'm wrong and the cutting of a window / door plugin-object an the overlapping stuff is to be controlled in an other way. It seems to me a rather important issue, maybe I'm just not searching on the right place.
  24. thanks a lot for your help! David: would that mean, i give up the stories-business and just create layers, like i used to to, i.e. in VW 2011? So working with elevation (and layer Wall height), which is ok for the level 1 and then changing the position of Walls and slabs on level 2 manually?
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