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Decision to buy Vector works or?

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i have used data cadd and found that it is a very weak program when seen side by side with vectorworks. the biggest problem i have with data cadd is that while it is a decent 2d or 3d program it cant do both at the same time with the flexabilty that vectorworks can. you can get a free 45 day trial on data cadd by downloading it from there web site. i think that you will find vectorworks a very superior program.

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Hello Users group,

I'm looking at switching from Chief Architect,to Vector Works or Data Cad. I'm using a PC with win 2000 and have a little cad experience with Chief's object based program only, so I don't have any way to compare what is the best design in Cadd programs.I do like building with walls but, chief's system seems buggy. I desgin homes & light commerical projects. Can anyone compare Chief & or Data Cad to vector works in easy & accurateness? Thanks for the Help

Bruce Glenn

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This program is excellent for 2-d production of details and straight forward drafting. Technical support and this message board are also excellent. While 3-d modeling is also powerful, it lacks dynamic linking to sections. In otherwords if you change the building plan, you have to re-cut the section. It does not automatically update. Also, sections do not show any elevational information. You have to add it manually. Something other programs already do. I'm also on win 2000. Integrating specification information is problematic at best. Despite what some say, it is not simply cut and paste from Word or Excel. Again the program cannot dynamically link to other file sources like Adobe InDesign for example which can link to Word, Excel, image files etc. This is a huge issue. If NNA would establish agreements with (if that is what it takes) other software vendors to get these links established, it would make the program extrememly strong. It would save a boat load of time. Unfortumately a major competitor is way ahead of NNA on this front. On the other hand Vectorworks does somethings better than its competition. A tough decision. It tortures me every day....

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It is surprising to see that a program with much

quieter, 2d only, features then VW such as PowerCadd has a publish link to Excel.

Anyway, for the money, VW Architect is the best around. Every time we plot

something, users from PowerCadd or AutoCAD like a lot the way drawings look.

They just come out nicer if you use the proper classes/attributes. And it can be

incredibly fast if you really know it.

Most powerful Cads in the world regardless of how many times they cost more then VW?

I think, please correct me, Microstation Triforma, Archicad, Revit and Allplan, am I right?

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