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Mar - I made a little QTVR. It has the title I created in the export dialog with .mov extension. You must have pressed the "o" key while in the export dialog.

My little VR retains the white background of my VW scene.

When opening the VR, a prompt dialog appears offering launch of required QT7. It does not launch in Preview or new versions of QT Player.

As I think we found in that earlier forum thread, the VR works only in QT7. Apple seems to have dropped support for QTVR, but offers legacy versions of QT7 in the download area.


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yes I did a little test too, a 70mm cube, QT file was 77Mb what happened with that other file I do not understand it spins only in QT7 and where the black background came from? I am back to setting up the views and exporting to VW2010 and do it from there set it to 400 frames and still have only a file of 27Mb

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