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Jim Smith

Setting Z Origin point

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I have just imported a drawing, I have many issues with it, most of these I can work around. The one that has me puzzled is resetting the Z Origin Point to zero.

Setting X & Y seem to have no issues, but when I look at the Design Layer in Front View Floors & Walls that appear to line up on the Origin Point at Zero are actually set at +30' 7 1/2" according to the OiP. I've checked the layers information & all layers are set at Z0 & Delta Z0 so what am I missing?

Is this a Layer Plane issue?

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There are several other threads about moving the origin ... So I'll just be brief. DON'T DO IT.

You may think that everything is fine, but at some point your drawing will start doing weird things. And then you'll post here, asking WTF happened. And then someone will ask you if you ever moved the origin. And you'll say that you did. And someone will tell you that you shouldn't have, because it is causing your problem.

If you need 0,0,0 to be somewhere else, turn on ALL CLASSES and ALL LAYERS, put a 3D locus where you want 0,0,0 to be, then SELECT ALL. Drag the 3D locus to the 0,0,0 of the drawing.

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This was my intial thought similar to Move Page Tool. All to save rebuilding the viewports that arrived with the imported information.

Thanks Teresa, next time I'll trust my instincts.


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It's preferable to MoveObjects than to relocate the Originating coordinate system.

Those who import Acad DXF/DWG routinely face this situation.

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