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Fills for regular 2-D objects


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I was placing a circle over a line intersection and wanted to remove the fill to show the lines beneath. They are all in the none class and when entered I had the attribute fill to class style. I could not just change from Class to "None" I had to go to solid and then to none. I tried a rectangle with exactly the same results.

I usually have the attributes set at Class for all the items and it has worked for quite a few years and versions but not 2011. Is this 2 step method normal now?

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i find that it will let me change from class to Solid and then to whatever I want but not directly from the class attribute. Maybe we have something turned on or off that didn't used to be....Anyone???? It definitely slows me down when I am used to one way of doing things and then have to add 2 or 3 steps to get the same result.

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