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    Lighting Schedule

    Good, Thanks. This was confusing and not explained in help.
  2. shr

    Lighting Schedule

    My database header says =('Equipment Record'.'ID') only. I try to add criteria and I get this =('Equipment Record'.'ID')((L='Design Layer')) instead of the ID for each object
  3. I am trying to create a lighting schedule with VA schedules. It has been successful so far with single storeys, but now I have a double storey building, it is only referencing the objects on the ground floor. Any suggetions?
  4. Do you use the WinDoor tool? I would be able to switch off parts of the openings - frames, sills, etc. but leave the ceiling line. Except it won't do it. My WinDoor objects have various classes set for each part, but they do not turn off when I turn off the respective class, only when I turn off the class the whole object is in... and how do use of the classes allow me to see walls without openings or holes?
  5. Thanks, but my issue is to start the plan I have the walls which show all the openings or the holes. I want solid walls, as you would normally see in a RCP. It looks like I have to draw the whole plan in 2D, whereas it would be easier to use the existing walls (esp. if they move). It also means I have to draw in a lot of polygons for my raking ceilings. Another issue is my 3d polygons are not solid. It would be good if there was a way to cut the plan at ceiling level.
  6. Ok, I've typed in an advanced search 'Ceiling +Plan' in subject and returned 277 results, only one of which was about ceiling plans. Also looked in VW help and no info on this. So how do I create a ceiling plan? View from below mirrors the building which I don't want. Top plan shows the openings, I also do not want. My windoor openings are set with individual classes for frame, door, etc, but do not switch off when I turn of those classes seperately (only when I turn off the class they are created in). Any ideas please, I'm at a loose end
  7. Great, thanks, But it is only dimension 2 of 8 walls, and none of the openings?
  8. Hello, Another query from an ArchiCad user: Is there a way to dimension a wall and it's doors and windows? I would typically use the chain dimension and just click on each edge of the wall and objects, but we are wondering if there is a simpler way to choose the wall and the dimensions are automatically generated?
  9. I'm helping an ArchiCad user use Vectorworks and this simple command I have not been able to figure out. We wish to draw an object a set distance from a reference point. For example, we have a wall that starts 1m from the corner. We have the wall command active, but cannot select the point and move 1m from it to start. The only way I can see is to draw a line 1m long to get the point, or draw the onject and move it. Surely there is an easier way?
  10. Mitch, In a new drawing, inserting the slab on ground Layer which has Z=0 and Delta Z=0 Jonathon, the slab is NZ 100mm concrete slab - Datum Offset from Layer Z=0 BCD, 3d locus on same layer inserts at 0. Not sure how you toggle the document units. Is there another place for the reference datum, other than in the Slab Preferences? Screen shot attached
  11. Hello. I am trying to understand why when I draw a slab on a Layer that has Z=0 and +-Z=3000, it puts it in at +3000 and not at 0. In the insertion options the Datum offset is 0. Also when I draw a ceiling (also Datum offset = 0) it puts in at +6000. I tried a different layer with datum +-Z=2700 and the slab is still put in at +3000. Where is it getting the +3000 from??
  12. shr

    Origin moving

    yes, why should this reset the origin?
  13. shr

    Origin moving

    Thanks, but I already disabled the dragging, and I haven't pressed ctrl 9 - the dialog box comes up anyway so I would know. It seems to be randomly resetting, and is very frustrating.
  14. shr

    Origin moving

    My origin keeps moving, and I can never see when it happens. I have disabled to drag origin setting, but it still occurs - going off into +300,000,000 x +5,811,814,000...
  15. Can anyone suggest how I might go about getting a wall on an angle (in the vertical). Am I best just drawing a polygon? Then I have to match it up with all my other walls and I won't be able to insert windows.
  16. Does anyone know why this would be happening? I have drawn some walls, then joined them. Now trying to move 1 wall, but the other moves with it. I have removed Break from both walls, edit constraints says there are no constraints on either wall. Connected wall mode & auto join walls are off. The only way around this is to delete a wall and redraw it, which is a pain if their is objects inserted into it = a long processs.
  17. Yep, occured again, in a new drawing. No changes to preferences. Program seems to have frozen as is no tools work, but can change views.
  18. I'm doing my head in trying to find any previous discussions on this topic (as is the problem everytime and hence find it difficult to solve issues) anyway, I have dimensioned my plans and the dimensions are on screen plane in a design layer to show up in multiple viewports. On my elevation sheet layer, the front/back/etc viewports have "project screen objects" as I have drawn some objects over the 3d model in the design layers. However the dimension text is showing up. I have tried putting the dimensions on layer plane but this doesn't help. Surely the text should have a 0 value on screen and not show up in elevation?
  19. I would like to know if they might be a fix for the WinDoor tool in future, in regard to cavity sliders. The issue I have is that I insert a cavity slider into a wall, and the object takes on the properties of the wall around the cavity, which is fine. However when I go to the viewport on the sheet, the wall around the cavity still has the original class visibilities, even though I have overriden the wall class for printing purposes.
  20. Thanks. Hasn't reoccured since the latest upgrade, but have been using new files.
  21. I am using designer 2011. The problem occurs in different files, not just in one. What would resetting preferences do? Thanks
  22. Hi Mike, the maximum no of undos is 100. I haven't closed the file when this happens. And it doesn't happen for every thing I delete, it seems to be random, which makes me think it's a glitch.
  23. Does anyone know why this is happening? I have an object, such as a window, that I delete. Then I want to bring it back, so I undo, but no matter how much I undo, the object does not come back. Even if I close the file and re-open. It has also happened in different files. I've also had it that objects can just disappear entirely even without deleting. Usually it's just windows. Is this a glitch?
  24. I have created both Windows/Doors and Windoors, and need both to show up in the schedules. I've had to create both types as each tool has different required options. There is no obvious way to put both in one schedule. If someone could please enlighten the situation?
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