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Files created in 2011 won't open in 2009

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I have on my home computer the vw 2011 and I tried to open a file on the school computer which has the 2009 version of vw but it says that it can't open it. The message is something like this: "this is an file created in newer version or it's corrupted".

Does anyone know if there's an update so that it works both ways? Or is there some other way I could get around this problem, like saving the files in some other form?

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No software that I know of has the ability (or foresight) to be "forward compatible". However most software, including Vectorworks, is "backwards compatible". In order to open newer files in older versions you will need to "Export to..." whatever version is needed. I'm pretty sure Vectorworks will allow you to gomtwo or three versions back. Any further than that will require help for the tech support team. Hope that helps.

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Great, thanks! I didn't know there's that option in the export-category. Just what I was looking for! Thanks again!

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No software that I know of has the ability (or foresight) to be "forward compatible".

But imagine the possibilities.....this type of compatibility could be incorporated in each new version (ie. no need for foresight)!

To start off with just the possibility to open, read (and possibly convert to lines and 3d geometry) would be great. This would even open up new possibilities for the file referencing workflow VW has chosen to depend upon.

ArchiCAD BIM server is, as of version 15, going to have the option of handling files from versions 13, 14 and 15 simultaneously. I think that's a great marketing pro, not 'forcing' users to upgrade!

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