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  1. Great, thanks! I didn't know there's that option in the export-category. Just what I was looking for! Thanks again!
  2. I have on my home computer the vw 2011 and I tried to open a file on the school computer which has the 2009 version of vw but it says that it can't open it. The message is something like this: "this is an file created in newer version or it's corrupted". Does anyone know if there's an update so that it works both ways? Or is there some other way I could get around this problem, like saving the files in some other form?
  3. Thank you very much! It was set at 3 and 13 so I chanced both to 1000 and now it shows. Thanx!
  4. How do I get the blue grid on? I've checked from "tools-> smart cursor settings-> general-> interactive appearance settings" and from "grid-> show grid" that every box is checked and on but the grid isn't showing. I have the educational version but it shouldn't differ from the full version either than that the watermarks show. Please help! I'm about to pull my hair off! :mad:


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