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Attribute/Tool Palette Sizes

Andy Fritsch


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Agreed, Pat & Shaun. A good default setup is essential. The current one is OK, if only because we are used to it. I am reminded that QWERTY was developed to slow the first typists because the early typewriter mechanism jammed when typing skill/speed increased beyond expectations. We are all used to it, so it seems OK. But it's not ergonomically optimal.

The posts here and elsewhere indicate that one particular UI setup will only be optimal for one, ever changing, disparate group of users. A study to identify the biggest group would probably take more effort than just making the UI more user adjustable (opinion). I advocate for more user configurability rather than a locked style, my mother-of-all-palettes fantasy aside.


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Vincent, while fiddling again with WS editor got no usable results . . . . . .

Pat, playing with the Resolution in the prefs bought back the two missing palettes, Basic Tools and a custom fixings palette.

Thanx to both of you for reminding me of the simple solutions that sometimes remain elusive til a gentle bump on the head rattles them back into an accessible region of the grey matter.



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and how about the multi screen/window solution while they're at it.......for starters just being able to have the Top/plan view and one other 3D view at the same time would be great!

Like this for example......

Again, if they are "Dockable TearOffs" and you can choose which views you wish to see/use, i concur.

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