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Avoiding the TrustedDWG message in AutoCAD



We are using VW 2008 and have used it to export .dwg files for clients and consultants with good success. My biggest hang-up is on the AutoCAD side, where opening an exported VW file prompts the following warning message: "This DWG file was saved by an application that was not developed or licensed by Autodesk. What do you want to do?"

I know how to make this message go away on the AutoCAD side, but we have some government clients with whom I would rather not have the "we don't use AutoCAD" discussion. Does anyone know if VW 2010 addresses this problem?


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Nope. This is strictly an Autodesk-controlled initiative. It all happens from their end when opening a file. They have special encrypted flags on "native" DWG files.

It shouldn't matter what DWG-compatible anyone is using as long as they are getting the information they need, and everything is there, in the style and format they desire.

Unless, of course, they really want to get into an in-depth discussion of a government entity requiring a proprietary vendor-specific file format (especially when neutral open source standards ARE available) which smacks of restraint of trade, recognized on both federal and state legal circles. Just as the Texas Facilities Commission.

As another option, you could pass the files through AutoCAD on your end and save them before handing them off....

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Yes - I am speaking of both a local and a US federal government client that mandates a specific brand and version of software for file creation. The federal government client would never allow us to specify a specific brand/model for their project.

I have found that re-saving a VW export using either AutoCAD LT 2011 or the dwg convert tool in Autodesk's TrueView does not eliminate the warning message. This was a little disconcerting until I discovered the following solution:

Re-packaging the file using "eTransmit" in AutoCAD LT and then extracting it back out fixes the problem. I don't know what the eTransmit process does to the file that re-saving does not do, but this appears to be one solution. Upon opening an eTransmitted file, the command line tells me "This file is a TrustedDWG last saved by an Autodesk application."

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