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Insert color photographs of all selected plants or hardscapes into your lan


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I have been saving pictures in a file of plants that I am using on the Landscape plan. I copy and past them on to the plan, then re-size them and place them where I want them. It seems like there would be a better & faster way.

Has anyone used a database to save the pictures in; do a search for the plants used; then copy all and paste them on the landscape plan???? Insert color photographs of all selected plants or hardscapes into your landscape drawing.

If any of you are doing this and have a better way, could you share any ideas.

Thanks in advance,


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You can use the built-in Vectorworks Landmark Plant Database, assuming you are using Landmark. (You should post your software and hardware specs in your on-line profile).

The database stores up to 3 image per plant and has a web feature which gathers Google internet web photos of plants. Simply drag and drop them into the database (onto the page of a selected plant). Once they are in your database, simply drag and drop them in to a sheet layer. They are screen resolution images and their original image size varies but print in color up to 1.75" x 2.25" just fine. Havn't tried importing my existing digital photos in the database, maybe someone else has.

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Curious to know if there has been any development of this feature? be nice to be able to auto insert plant photos from the VW database into plant schedules and/or add them as an option to plant tags. I used LandFX - (an autocad plugin) previously that did this very nicely and was great for initial presentations to Clients who are not necessary familiar with plants.





VW Landmark 2014

OS Mac

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I have made symbols of all my plant images and keep them in a 'plant palette' folder.  To create a new one I just duplicate an existing symbol and copy paste the new jpg into the symbol and size it like the existing image.  This way they're all the same size and have the same title font & size.  The only draw back is the name of the symbol has to be unique, so if you have a plant symbol called 'citrus' you have to name your image 'citrus img' or something unique.

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