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  1. Curious to know if there has been any development of this feature? be nice to be able to auto insert plant photos from the VW database into plant schedules and/or add them as an option to plant tags. I used LandFX - (an autocad plugin) previously that did this very nicely and was great for initial presentations to Clients who are not necessary familiar with plants. Thanks Gabe VW Landmark 2014 OS Mac
  2. Thanks Jonathan - exactly what I was after!
  3. Anyone have an update to this thread - are there any workflows to efficiently calculate this in VW LM 2014 or newer editions?
  4. nice effect Alan, though not quite what I was after in terms of being able to calculate the volume of a pond...
  5. ....Resurrecting this old thread did anyone ever work out a workflow for calculating capacity volume for depressions in a site model? looking at some stormwater detention ponds which are fairly straight forward to generate but be great to be able calculate the volumes as well. Thanks Gabe WVLM 2014
  6. Picking up on this thread: has anyone else got some tips on how to speed up the plant placement? I have stripped out any 3d info but still getting a lot of precessing time with masses or large groups of plants - particularly those with irregular edges. Working on 2.5GHZ I7 Macbook with 16GB Ram on VW14 Thanks Gabe


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