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  1. I have been saving pictures in a file of plants that I am using on the Landscape plan. I copy and past them on to the plan, then re-size them and place them where I want them. It seems like there would be a better & faster way. Has anyone used a database to save the pictures in; do a search for the plants used; then copy all and paste them on the landscape plan???? Insert color photographs of all selected plants or hardscapes into your landscape drawing. If any of you are doing this and have a better way, could you share any ideas. Thanks in advance, Conrad
  2. Is there a plan view symbol available for a wheelchair in Vectorworks?????
  3. I would like to get some feedback on the best way to use symbols for existing plants, plants to be removed, and plants to be transplanted. I would like the symbol to represent the width of canopy, look of the plant , and be labeled; More than a generic symbol. Thanks Con
  4. I have the same problem and switched off the GDI. The full plot printed but the symbols (ones with less than 100% opacity)would not show what was beneath the symbol. The symbol also looks different than the same symbol with 100% opacity. Thanks
  5. I have just bought a used HP Designjet 800ps 42" plotter. I was wondering what you would recommend for paper. I am a Landscape designer & use a lot of color in my designs.I would like great color but feel I can't afford to use photo paper. Let me know your thoughts. Also, are there other brands that are just as good a HP but are lower in price? I would like the best bang for the $$$$. Thanks Con
  6. All of my plant symbols seem to be about 1000 times larger than they should be. Any ideas of why? Is there a way to change them all without editing each one. I am using Vectorworks 12.5.
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