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Unable to adjust viewport crop


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In one of my files, I am unable to adjust the cropping of my viewports. The viewports are on a visible layer, but there is no box drawn around them (as it is in another file where I did viewports). Even though there is no box around it, it still lets me double click on it to edit the crop. However, once I get into edit mode, there is still no box and nothing to click on to edit it. What did I do wrong here? Even when I create new viewports, the same thing is happening.

(BTW, I'm using VW 2008)

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Viewports have two places that the class needs to be visible. First it has to be visible in the overall drawing. Check the Navigation Palette and make sure the class is set to visible.

Second, select the viewport and click the Classes button. It will give you a display like the Nav Palette, but that only applies to that viewport. Make sure that the class is visible there also. If you created a new viewport for the crop object, by default it will be invisible in all viewport created before it.

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This is a massive thread necro, but I'm posting it anyway because this discussion appears close to the top of current (2023) google search results for "vectorworks viewport crop not working."


Be sure that what you are trying to crop is in fact on one or more design layers.  In my case, for various other reasons I had carefully traced out quite a few 2D design layer objects (building outlines, parcel outlines, etc.) as viewport annotation objects.   Viewport crops do not apply to viewport annotation objects!  


I burned half an hour trying everything else (checking class visibilities, viewport object types, viewport & sheet naming conflicts, etc.) until I finally realized --- DUH! -- that what I was trying to crop out was objects in the Viewport Annotation itself.  I just needed to delete the unwanted Viewport Annotation objects (outside my desired Viewport Crop area) to realize that viewport crops had been working fine / properly all along.

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