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3D Rotating

Will P

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Here is a quick solution. If you change to a side view (right or left), select the object(s) and double click on the Rotate tool and rotate it 90 degrees you should get the result you want.

I suspect you are having trouble using the rotate tool in the drawing window because all of your objects are 3D and your working plane is not in a useful orientation. Often if you add a 2D guide line and rotate it as well, it forces the rotate tool to work in 2D mode instead of 3D mode.

Another way is to select the objects in a true side view, choose the Rotate Tool, go up to the Mode Bar and select the last icon (Rotate in Screen Plane). Now click into the drawing and rotate the object as you normally would in 2D. This is probably considered the proper way to do this, but it is an extra step.


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Another way, yes there is almost always another way, is after you've drawn it on the floor, go to a side view (Front, Left, Right or Back) so you are looking at one end of it and use the menu command Rotate>Rotate Left 90? (CMD-L). This will spin it around its center. Quicker than the rotate tool for 90? spins.

While in this view you can also move it up to its proper Z height with the 2D Move command (CMD-M, hint: Y Offset is now in the Z direction) and when you go back to TOP view you can position it in X & Y.

Yes, there are still other ways, but I don't want to use my monthly plug just yet.


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Guest Frank Brault

If you are using Spotlight, then why not use the Straight Truss object and use the Rotation field below the Hanging Angle field at the bottom of the Object Info palette? When I enter 90 degrees here, the flat truss object displays the way you want.

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