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Issues with referenced design layer viewports.

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I am an architect working on a large residential building and am using Vectorworks to build a 3D model from which I am generating plans, sections and elevations.

I have encountered two issues using design layer viewports:

1) I have flat type layouts in one file and referenced design layer viewports to arrange them within a second file which contains the external envelope / builing layout. A third file contains a referenced design layer viewport to this file, from which i am generating my sections. The problem is in this section file, cropped viewports of the flat types are not visible in the section, whilst uncropped viewports are. I think this is something to do with stacked layers but i am unable to edit this in the section viewport.

2) A second issue is that I can not edit the class visibility of a nested reference. For example if i want to turn off the doors or furniture in the section which are drawn in the unit layouts file.

This is all a little difficult to explain but i hope someone will be able to offer me some advice.

Many thanks

Nick Lawrence

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Hi Jonathan, thanks for your response.

I need to have the flat layouts in one drawing and the shell and core in another so that people can work on the different files simultaneously. the easiest way to then combine them into general layout drawings is to reference the flats into the plan.

One option would be to turn the flat types into symbols and reference them in but it would just be easier to use cropped referenced viewports....

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hmm yes you are right. A cropped design layer does not get picked up by the section. Is there a specific reason you need to crop your flat drawings? Usually when I do something like this I keep the flats on separate layers or separate files without anything else so cropping isn't needed. If you have to have them set up where you have to crop them then I am not sure if there is anything you can do.

You can have class control of objects through multiple levels of design layer referencing if you have all the classes present in each drawing. I have a similar setup with one project and I have the referenced DLVP classes set to use current document visibilities and I have all the classes in the drawing. The model file where I am cutting sections and printing from has the referenced DLVP set to use current doc class visibilities. The sheet layer viewport is set to retain class overrides. I can control all the classes with the viewport class settings in the sheet layer.

With doors though I found I have to use the A-Wall-Jamb or equivalent class to turn them on or off in the top level viewport.

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