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  1. How does the NBS addition work - i can't see how to get started with it. Potentially extremely useful!
  2. So is it a bug to just live with for the time being?
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply. No, snap to grid is definitely off... i never actually use it. The problem seems to be only when working on a 'rotated plan'. And yes, if i draw a totally straight line and duplicate array some of the duplicates seem to have moved off straight. This is also true for the duplicated and rotated lines.
  4. Hi all! A frustrating issue has arisen. I am working on a large project across two offices. I set up a drawing with a structural grid of lines for everyone to work to. One of my colleagues noticed that the lines were not displaying 100% properly on his screen. On investigation he set the accuracy to the maximum number of decimal places and found a 0.000000035 inaccuracy. I know this sounds pedantic and doesn't matter in terms of real world construction, but is very frustrating in the CAD world. I drew all of these lines constrained with the shift key and they still were not straight. I have tried drawing rotated, un rotated, in clean files etc and I get this strange inaccuracy creeping in. Not all the time, but say 70% of lines drawn. My colleagues in the other office do not have the same issue. Is this a known bug? If so how can i fix it? Thanks Nick
  5. Yes. I have tried all the obvious things - restarted, and tried different workspaces. Also tried with various drawings but is seems to be a VW issue rather than a specific drawing issue....
  6. Hi all! I am having problems with my colour palette. I seem to have lost the ability to chose different colour palettes, and when i click on the settings icon nothing happens. Really frustrating. Does anyone know how i can get my options back? Thanks Nick (VW2014, OS 10.9.5)
  7. Matt, thanks that has done it!! Thanks a lot! Jim, thanks also, but your method would require me to do this for every type of symbol which would take too long. Thanks again! Nick
  8. Hi all, I know similar things have been covered, but i have not been able to find the answer i need. I would like to be able to count the number of instances of a certain symbol in a large complex file. When i use Tool/Create Report it gives me a total number for all symbols not the number of each type of symbol. How can i generate this info without adding record information to each symbol? The only way i have found is by custom selection each type but this is very time consuming when there are so many different symbol types. Many thanks! Nick
  9. That's very useful! Thanks. It does mean i have to change classes. What i would like is to just change every object on every class to take on the class attributes of the class they are already on. But this is a good work around for now.
  10. Hi does anyone know how to force objects to class attributes? I have tried turning on and off the 'use at creation' command but this does not work. I have imported a complex DWG from a consultant and want to control the graphics, but the objects are not set to class attributes. It would take forever for me to go through the thousands of symbols andchange everything manually. Cheers for the help! (VW2012)
  11. Hi Tui, Sorry for the tardy response. Vectorworks 2012.
  12. Hi there. I have a drawing in which i am referencing in another as a referenced viewport. The referenced file is drawing using the wall tool and that file looks fine. When it is referenced into the other drawing however, the walls go crazy and seem to extend in the wrong direction to infinity. Is this a bug? Does anyone know how i can fix it? Many thanks
  13. David, Thank you very much for your reply. Regarding the cropped viewports the only way i could think of resolving the problem was as you had suggested. I have not tried out the class control yet - i think that should work though. Thanks again for your comments! Cheers Nick
  14. Hi Jonathan, thanks for your response. I need to have the flat layouts in one drawing and the shell and core in another so that people can work on the different files simultaneously. the easiest way to then combine them into general layout drawings is to reference the flats into the plan. One option would be to turn the flat types into symbols and reference them in but it would just be easier to use cropped referenced viewports....
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