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Corrupt File Please help!

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I have been working on this project for a bit and the file anytime I try to export will not export to different releases. I really need this to work and I cannot solve it.

In the mean time I tried to just copy and paste everything from that file to a fresh one and say at worst maybe all I have to do is recreate my sheet layers and viewports. As a side note anyone know of a way to import sheet layers and viewports from one drawing to another?

When I did it everything came in as lines and did not save the class assignments. What has happened and what do you think I can do to solve it?

Please help.

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Try this. It worked for me before.

1) Open a new file.

2) Go through your typical setup and save the file.

3) Reference the file that you are having the problem with into the new file.

4) Select all of your Design Layers. (Remember you want the reference to be DESIGN Layers and NOT Design Layer Viewports) Save the file.

5) Now you can go through the new file to make sure your stuff is there.

6) At this point you can cut your reference to the damaged file. Go to the Navigation palette and select the reference button. Now select the referenced file and delete it. You will be asked if you want to keep the referenced layers and resources in your new file. The answer to these should be yes.

Now you should have a file that has the information that existed in the corrupted file. I am not sure if this is necessary or not but at this point i usually purge the file at this point.

Well hope this works for you.

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